How to Keep Training Through the Summer Heat

With the summer heat hitting Europe, record high temperatures are being recorded and races are even being cancelled so extra caution needs to be taken when you’re out training this summer.

Heat causes your body to pump more blood to the skins surface, meaning less will be going to your muscles where it is needed. As well as this your heart rate will increase and the feeling of strain on your body will go up.

Luckily our bodies are designed to adapt quickly to changes in our environment, but here are a few tips to help you in the summer heat.

1.Choose the time of day carefully.

Midday is obviously going to be the hottest time of day, so deciding to do your workout early in the morning or in the evening would be a wise choice. If you’re working out early in the morning however, make sure it doesn’t affect the amount of sleep you get the night before, or else it may do more harm than good.

2.Stay hydrated

Dehydration is common during the hotter months especially when you’re exercising as you’ll sweat a lot more than usual, therefore being conscious of how much liquid you’re getting is very important, you’ll want to drink some water or a sports drink before during and after your workouts. You may also want to consider adding extra electrolytes to your post workout drink to counter those lost in your sweat.

3.Select the right clothing

Wearing light, loose-fitting clothing that allows a breeze through will go a long way to keeping you cool when you’re our running. Synthetic fabrics such as Coolmax and Dryfit are also recommended as they wick sweat away from the skin keeping you much cooler.

4.Wear sunblock

A good layer of sunblock will not only protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, but it will actually keep you cooler as well. Don’t just apply it on the sunny days, you can just as easily get burnt on overcast days.

5.Start slow

Starting your workout a bit slower than usual will allow your body to get more acclimatised to the heat but also give you a chance to listen to how your body is feeling, then you can gauge whether you can up the pace or not. If your body doesn’t feel right, or if it’s too hot, don’t be worried about missing a workout, it’s better to take a day off than to push yourself too hard, which could lead to an injury of illness.

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