Ineos 1:59 – Kipchoge’s Sub 2 Hour Attempt

Who is Kipchoge?

Eliud Kipchoge is a 34 year old Kenyan runner, who currently holds the  world record in marathon, has won the London marathon a record 4 times, and has a success rate of winning 12 out of the 13 marathons he has entered.

Nike Breaking 2 Project

In 2017 Kipchoge attempted his first sub 2 hour attempt as part of the Nike Breaking 2 project. During the attempt runners were lead by a pace car and 30 supporting runners, Kipchoge finished in a time of 2:00:25, just 25 seconds off the 2 hour mark. The planned 5km splits were 14:13 min, to break 2 hours, with his final splits being 14:14, 14:07, 14:13, 14:15, 14:14, 14:17, 14:17, 14:27, and 6:20 to finish.

Kipchoge’s 2019 Attempt

Another sub 2 hour attempt is planned on 12th – 20th October 2019 in Vienna, Austria. This venue offers better conditions than the 2017 venue in Italy. With a 3 hour time difference any affects of jet lag will be minimised. Weather patterns have been analysed, to provide the optimal conditions as a 0.36 percent increase is needed over his previous time. There is also capacity for a large crowd to support Kipchoge, which he had requested as he performs better at larger events.


This years attempt has learnt lots from the 2017 event and the team and Ineos has put a lot of research into getting the best venture possible to help Kipchoge get under the 2 hour mark. The conditions have never been better for Kipchoge.

What are your predictions and thoughts on this years attempt, will the 2 hour mark finally get broken, and what effect will this have on marathon runners of the future?

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