Over-training – Knowing When to Take a Break

Over-training can occur when you have a lack of recovery between sessions, when you do to greater volume of training or too much high intensity training. This can lead to excessive fatigue, a lack of motivation to train, loss of performance and an increased risk of injury.

Have You Been Over-training?

If you’re experiencing multiple symptoms of over-training and are finding that your regular workouts require a higher effort level than usual then it may be time to take a break. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop training all together,  which could actually be worse for your training in the long run especially if you are nearing a race, rather take a week or two and only do low intensity, low volume workouts with plenty of rest. Make sure you’re getting your full 8 hours sleep a night for maximum recovery.

What Can You Do to Prevent Over-training in the Future?

Preventing over-training can be very simple, when you’re planning out your training it is best to follow a cycle of a few weeks high intensity and volume training then a week’s rest. For example you can do 3 weeks on the 1 week of low intensity active recovery, repeating as many times are necessary to get through you block of training. This will help to keep your body refreshed and motivation levels high so you can keep training as effectively as possible.

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