Super League Triathlon 2019

The super league is back for 2019, the championships kick off in Jersey on the 28th September with the final event on the 29th. The worlds best 25 male and female triathletes with face of in this unique series.

When did the Super League Triathlon first start?

The super league triathlon was first announced in 2017 as a test event with only 25 male competitors, in 2018 it was opened to male and female competitors and an age group event was also opened for anyone to take part in.

What is the Super League Triathlon?

The super league triathlon is a series of nonstandard triathlon events, with only select athletes contending for the top position to win $200,000. Athletes are chosen based on their past performance, with the top 10 from the previous year being given a place while others must be invited to race. The overall winner is chosen based off a points system, with athletes earning points depending on where they finish in races throughout the season.

The super league consist of shorts loops which usually must be completed multiple times. The 5 different race formats are:

Triple Mix – Three short loop triathlons, with the first being a traditional swim-bike-run, the second being a run-bike-swim, and the last being a bike-swim-run. There is a 10 minute break between races to reset equipment and ready for the next round.

Eliminator – Three short loop triathlons, however at the end of each round the slowest 5 are removed from contention.

Enduro – Three short loop triathlons, all combined, forming one continuous swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run. The last two into each transition are also eliminated from the race.

Sprint Enduro – The field is randomly split in two, each racing one short triathlon, with the top five advancing to a continuous loop of two short triathlons.

Equaliser – A two stage event consisting of a individual time trial, then a swim-run-swim-bike-run.

All athletes must be within 90 seconds of first place otherwise they will be pulled from the event.

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