Top 5 Podcasts for Triathletes

That Triathlon Show

That Triathlon Show is run by Mikael Eriksson the author of scientifictriathlon and age group triathlete. The podcasts offers a great scientific and detailed approach to training which covers all aspects of the sport. Any triathlon geeks out their will love his show as he really goes into detail but explains everything so that even beginners can understand. Mikael runs a regular Q+A show every Thursday and usually releases an interview every Monday, so you can always count on new useful content every week. He also has a great beginner tips series of 37 episodes which cover everything a new triathlete would need to know and is a great series introducing you to a scientific approach to training which I would strongly recommend listening to.

Get fit guy

The Get fit guy isn’t a triathlon specific podcast but rather gives advice for strength training in a very beginner and easy to listen to manner. The short episodes are very informative and give advice that is directly transferable to your training. The show also cover sport specific advice such as building cardiovascular fitness to improve your running, how to become a better cyclist and the benefits of swimming, and gives some great advice on exercise apps and how to choose a coach. The get fit guy is just a useful all-round podcast for any of you fitness needs.

Triathlon Taren Podcast

Best known for his YouTube channel, Taren Gesell is an age-group triathlete who gives great advice for fellow age groupers and shares his inspiring journey to becoming a triathlete. Taren has fantastic interviews with pro triathletes and well known coaches. His show covers everything from race recaps, to beginner tips from his beginner training series, to an insight into the world of pro triathlon for us mere amateurs. I would advise checking out his YouTube channel and following his podcast to listen to his weekly episodes.

Nutrition Diva

With links to the get fit guy you can expect the same easy to understand and great all-round podcast from the Nutrition Diva. From busting food myths to giving simple everyday diet advice to help you live a more healthy lifestyle. My personal favourite episodes cover the best nutrients for improving recovery and those talking about the most popular diets, which I have found particularly interesting. I you want to eat better or just learn more about the effect of foods on our body then the nutrition diva podcast is for you.

Endurance Innovation Podcast

The endurance innovation podcast is presented by Andrew Buckrell a co-founder of STAC and Michael Liberzon who is a coach for X3, They’re a relatively new podcast so don’t have a huge backlog of episode, but the content that they have released I’ve found to be very informative and useful in training. The show covers all the latest tech and gadgets and well as the general philosophy of the sport like mind-set and event preparation. They currently have a few interviews with pro athletes and with Mikael Eriksson from the That Triathlon Show. With its promising start, I am looking forward to seeing where this podcast goes in the future.

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