Zwift vs Trainerroad: The Best Indoor Trainer?

The weather has taken a turn for the worst, and winter is truly here. While many dedicated athletes will persevere and train out in the winter weather, most will turn to their indoor trainers the keep fit this winter. Zwift and Trainerroad both offer attractive features to help us train inside, but which is best for you?


Price – $14.99/month (£12.99)

Trial Period – 1 week free trial

Credit: dcrainmaker

Zwift offers an immersive experience in one of its many virtual worlds, giving you the ability to ride alongside people from across the world. One of the key features that makes Zwift so attractive is the massive community of riders for you to ride and race with, giving options for cyclists of all abilities; want to ride with a team, check out one of the many teams on offer, new to cycling and just want an easy ride, check out the PACK who offer support for those who don’t want to push the pace and join one of their regular rides, of maybe you’re a pro level rider and want to compete to be the best, join a race and take your place on the podium.

Zwift has a growing library of training plans on offer, and while it isn’t as extensive as Trainerroad, there is usually something for everyone. However if there isn’t one for you, make your own using Zwifts drag and drop workout builder


Price – $19.99/month (~£15) or $189/year (~£144)

Trial Period – Trainerroad doesn’t have an official trial period on offer, rather giving you a 30 day full refund if you’re not happy with what’s on offer.

Credit: dcrainmaker

Trainerroad takes the opposite approach to indoor training, rather opting to offer detailed training plans and workouts. With over 1000 workouts and more than 100 training plans, Trainerroad is an ideal choice for beginner and experienced athletes alike who want a bit more structure to their training. With a clean and simple interface, your performance is easy to see although you may opt to watch some entertainment of you choice over the top to make the experience more interesting.


Both Trainerroad and Zwift offer many attractive features making it difficult to choose between the two. If you’re just looking for structured training for the indoor season then Trainerroad is definitely the go to, however if you enjoy the social aspect to training the check out Zwift, and if you don’t like it after 7 days, then you’re no worse off.

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